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24/7 service

through the operating specialized staff

Low cost

Provide best services at low cost, compared to the other companies

I.P.S (Integrated Payment Service)


A single solution to accept payments anywhere, on any device.

More Advanced and More Extensible IPS(Integrated Payment Service) as the most Efficient Service Package

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I.S.P-More convenient way for customers, smarter way for service provider

I.S.P service enables you to offer shoppers the option to pay with our full range of key payment methods, including all major card schemes and mobile wallets.

Payment Provider


Reach more shoppers around the world

Alliex platform provide every payment method based on customer’s country, currency and value of purchase. With Alliex you have global reach in a single system.

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Dynamic Currency Conversion

Consumers who has credit card issued by oberseas have the cost of a transaction converted to their local currency at point of sale. Internaional card purchases are converted instantly at the time of sale to the cardholder's home currency.

Alliex provide DCC service to the business area which have many customers with oversea credit card like Hotels, Duty free shops, Airport and Casino etc. 24 currencies are supported.


Multi Currency Pricing

when people who around the world to buy goods and services in Ecommerce sites make a payment with overseas credit card, they can make payment in the currency of their choice(local currency)

The customer is prompted for the currenct in which he or she would like the transaction to be processed. When the currenct has been identified and the customer has agreed to the transaction being processed, F/X rate is applied to the transaction. You can use DCC service by only by contract with Alliex. No need to establishing local subsidiary.


Multi Currency Acquiring

MCA(Multi Currency Acquiring) service is to make customer to pay with preferred currency on overseas online shopping malls

Since the approval, purchase and settlement are made in the same currency, merchants using MCA services can be settled same amount without affecting of exchange rate fluctuations, and the customer will be charged the same amount that you paid at the point of sales.


WeChat Payment

WeChat pay is the mobile payments based on number 1 messenger “WeChat” in China

WeChat pay is developed by Tencent and provided by KEB Hana Card and Alliex in Kore. Now you can use WeChat pay when you visit Korea. You can easily pay with a single-use bar code and QR code without a credit card or cash. Wechat Pay is a national payment method used by more than 90% of Chinese people because of its excellent accessibility and many benefits.

About Alliex

We can provide the best service due to that business application system is designed and developed with independent technique, so that it is possible to customize per each customer’s needs.

Integrated platform: online and offline

Improve stability

Focus on Basic

Price competitiveness

differentiated service

Global payment service

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Secure Service

Own processing systems and specialized staff in Korea. We Provide secure service for customers

High availability systems

all the servers and networks are redundancy

24/7 Monitoring

Customizing development for each merchants and provide 24/7 Monitoring system

Validate PCI DSS LEVEL 1

Acquired PCI DSS LEVEL 1 to safeguard credit card information and transaction information

Powering growth for amazing companies

with Alliex as your suportive partner, our intelligent systems help you boost conversions and capture more revenue. We are looking forward to explain more about what we can do for your business.

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